This work is dedicated to your heart, my heart, our childrens hearts and the heart of our beloved Earth. 
May we re-learn/remember how to see, feel and perceive each other and all living things from this place of home and knowing. (May we find the courage that we need to stand up and do what we have come here to do.)

May the remembrance and honouring of the circle of Life awaken in us all.


Live and let live


Cherish a good laugh with friends


All you need is love <3

– – – Love in a cup

”All ancient and indigenous peoples said that they learned the uses of plants as medicines from the plants themselves. They insisted that they  did not rely on the analytical capacities of the brain for this nor use the technique of trial and error. Instead they said that it was from the heart of the world, from the plants themselves, that this knowledge came. For, they insisted, the plants can speak to human beings if only human beings will listen and respond to them in the proper state of mind.”

Stephen Buhner